Company Profile

Black Star Advisors, Black Star Brokerage and Black Star Fund Managers provide financial advisory/business strategy, brokerage and fund/asset management services respectively.
Black Star Holdings Ghana Limited was founded, by a team of investment bankers from Wall Street’s premier investment banks (including JP Morgan and Solomon Smith Barney) and consultants from the preeminent consulting firms (including McKinsey & Co. and The Boston Consulting Group) with a singular aim of creating value by applying their 25+ years of global experience to the unique needs, circumstances and macro economic / political effects of transactions and privatizations in markets within West Africa.

Our main objective is to encourage local and global investors to take a serious look at West Africa, by packaging the numerous investment opportunities in the sub region to whet the appetite of global investors, leveraging our background and training to evaluate opportunities, properly quantify risk as well as preemptively address potential investor concerns

As alumni of the world’s leading business schools,  we maintain relationships with key business leaders globally and are able to leverage same in attracting investment to the continent. Through our prior employment we also maintain and are able to leverage our strong relationships with strategic investors globally
We provide the unique combination of (i) an in-depth understanding of the local business and cultural climate, (ii) strong business and governmental relationships and (iii) the paramount U.S. education, training and work experience, making us the ideal partner for any corporate entity or state owned enterprise seeking to do business or doing business in West Africa.